Beer. Is There Anything it Can’t Do?

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May 3rd, 2007
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Since there’s been nary a post to this blog in quite some time I can only assume that one of three things has happened:

1. Everyone who used to post here has given up the drink and is now politely typing away on the Competitive Scrapbooking Blog.

2. In what can best be described as a freak occurrence, everyone has simultaneously drank their collective foot off. Police insist that the incidents are “unrelated”.

3. My dear friends and beer guzzling compatriots have FINALLY modeled there lives after Jack Nobrains and are comfortably secured within their mansions watching Brokeback Mountain over and over while trying to figure out how the Xbox 360 controller works.

Regardless of the reasons I have decided to post a cautionary tale. This, my dear friends, is what can happen if the drink speaks louder than reason. A few weeks ago, the boys in ASOF got together and had a pint or six. At some point during that conversation the fateful words “Wouldn’t it be funny if …” started a sentence … but it also started a whole lot more.

My sad, disillusioned singer decided that it would be a good idea to create the world’s only Punk Rock Britney Spears Tribute Band. And yes, it seemed like a good idea at the time. A beer here, a rehearsal there, and two weeks later we had what is now HitMeBaby – The Only Punk Rock Britney Spears Tribute Band You’ll Ever Need.

Oh, if only I were joking.

Since that time we have played ultra-fast, hyper-aggressive yet tween friendly renditions of Ms. Spears tunes to sold out crowds throughout Oregon. I am ashamed to report that it is to date the most successful thing I’ve done musically and yes, has claimed the teeny bit of credibility and dare I say – dignity – that I had left. But the money is good and there is almost always beer involved. I invite you to share in my coinciding shame and success. – you can also see pics from our first show HERE.

I can only hope that we are worthy of a Skippy The Lizard post. Dare I say that we may become his new favorite band.

Please drink more, and then write more. I know there are still stories to tell.

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