WDT 2011 – McKroket Report

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Sep 22nd, 2011
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100% rundvlees = 100% cow (and cow by-product)

Why is Amsterdam a regular stop for the WDT?  I’ve got one word for you:


Sure, I post a lot about this bar or that bar … pretending that it’s all about the beer, or maybe about the jenever.  But it’s all just a cover story.  Years have passed since my first encounter with the McKroket, but I’m still jonesin’ for a McKroket.

Take a croquette and put it on a bun?  Genius!

I’ve done my research and spent years and millions of dollars on corporate espionage to steal the secret recipe.  100% Rundvlees? Please…I’m not so easily fooled.  (However, if you loosely translate it as “100% cow and cow by-product” as opposed to 100% beef, you’d be very close to the secret formula.)

I spent years being the Plankton to Ronald McDonald’s Mr. Krabs.  For what?  I should have just moved to Amsterdam …




This McKroket’s for you!