Undergraduate Studies at the Bier Akadamie in Celle, Germany

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Jun 10th, 2006
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The post-graduation job placement leaves a little to be desired (and might explain why the unemployment rate in Germany is so high), but have no doubt, these guys offer the best undergraduate program around.

We had to overcome a language barrier on our first visit to the academy. After a lengthy session at another pub, we wound our way back to Celle and decided to stop into the academy for a nightcap. Maybe we could even score a scholarship!

I looked the bar man straight in the eye and asked for “dunkelweizen”.

He poured a Coca-Cola.

I repeated “dunkelweizen”.

He shook his head as if not to understand. At that point, we knew that we weren’t going to qualify for a scholarship, and we began to fear that our application to enroll at the Bier Akademie would be rejected.

“Dunkelweizen” repeated the foreigner lost in Germany.

“Ah…Dunkles…Dunkles Weizen??”

Okay … so perhaps it was the bartender who was behind in his studies. But he served us a round of “Dunkels”, an Einbecker Dunkel … which was a dark lager as opposed to the dark wheat beer that we had requested, but it was good … and it sure beat the hell out of a Coke.

Then we had a Jever, and we realized that a good pilsener beer actually did exist in Germany. Imagine that.

It’s a good thing that the Bier Akademie doesn’t schedule any morning classes, as otherwise we never would have graduated.

You don’t need a 3.5 GPA to get in. Apply now for an undergraduate degree at the Bier Akademie in Celle, Germany.