Three Steps to Heaven

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Jan 4th, 2008
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or, don’t waste time…get wasted!
Step 1: Belgo’s Centraal

Well…. what can I add to Skippy’s concise and informative report on that enjoyable venue?… except to post a couple more photos capturing some of the afternoon’s frolics:
Step 2: The Porterhouse
By evening it was time to move on and after a lucky near miss (where we narrowly managed to avoid entering the designated nightclub on our prearranged schedule) we decided to join the queue for The Porterhouse. It was a trifle busy. Eventually we gained entry and were each allocated 6 square inches of standing room. Actually there was only room to stand on one leg, flamingo fashion, and buying a round involved a fourteen hour hop to the bar. Our Man from Reigate did the honors and we enjoyed a stout each. But we were starting to get concerned we might die of dehydration so we made an urgent decision to relocate somewhere better able to satisfy our cravings. Ignoring BJ’s protestations about the potential cost, we decided it would have to be Zaika.
Step 3: Zaika
Phew! – a good choice. Not only sitting (slouching) room, but a prompt and continuous supply of food and drink. Spoilt for choice, yours truly decided to order one of everything from the bar food menu so perhaps BJ’s concerns were about to come true…but nothing was wasted….except perhaps for us at the end of the evening. Numerous Stolichnaya Vodka Martinis were consumed. To be honest, your corespondent can’t remember all the details (no doubt suffering from some kind of seasonal virus) but does recall wearing a loud shirt!