Derivative Market in Green Tea Credits for Serious Alcohol Drinkers : GRETEC

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Jun 29th, 2006
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Inspired by the recently formed Carbon Trading Markets, that allow the worlds polluters to buy carbon credits from forest growing countries, I am proposing to create a derivative market in Green Tea Credits.

Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants and, it is said, helps purge the body of the toxins left after consuming too much alcohol. Unfortunately it tastes disgusting. But, some people like it. Its very similar to the way in which some people like modern lifestyles, with cars, TVs, factories, power stations, etc, whilst others are happy to live in mud huts and hug trees.

This is the basis for a potentially symbiotic relationship between alcohol drinkers and green tea drinkers. The Green Tea Credits Market (GRETEC) will enable alcohol drinkers to purchase Green Tea Credits from green tea drinkers, thus allowing them to mitigate their boozing without going through the inconvenience of actually drinking green tea.

Since the benefits of green tea drinking are probably purely in the mind, there’s no reason why this approach shouldn’t work just as well for the credit buyers, so long as they truly believe in the benefits.

Longer term, because the people who hug trees are probably also the people who like green tea it is not inconceivable that the Carbon Trading Markets and GRETEC could merge into one unified market so that enlightened consumers can live a life of unabated luxury, get pissed, be healthy, and save the planet all at the same time.