Belikin Stout … The World Needs more Summer Stout

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Jun 23rd, 2009
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Maybe my taste buds are feeling deprived. Actually no maybe about it…Belize is not a beer tourist destination.

However, it is a great and diverse country with many sites to see…from its coral reefs to its caves to its Mayan ruins. But we’re not here to talk about that…we’re here to talk beer.

Belize has a virtual beer monopoly with one brewer that controls the market with local brews and some international brews under contract. Most are forgettable … another bland tropical lager that quenches thirst …

Maybe 9 days of drinking Belikin Stout has clouded my judgment, but it’s actually a pretty nice beer. I’m not sure it’s a stout…my favorite stouts are the bottle conditioned Cooper’s Stout from Australia and for draft the PorterHouse brews out of Ireland (proudly served at their branch in London Covent Garden). I like a good draft Guinness…but if I’m in Dublin I hit every PorterHouse before returning to the hotel bar for the Guin. Oh … and don’t get me started on imperial stouts … that would be a nice nightcap right now as I sit on the beach.

Anyway, the Belikin Stout is a lighter stout but has some depth to the flavor…I question whether or not it is a true stout, but let’s call it a summer stout. A darker beer that drinks well under the hot sun…the world needs more beers like that. I’d gladly drink a Belikin Stout back home by the pool.

America needs a good summer stout … Belikin has done something right …