Beer Tsunami

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Aug 20th, 2007
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How many Pints do you need to see beyond the Event Horizon?

Having been hibernating for the last 12 or so months your correspondent was lucky enough to wake up just in time for the Great British Beer Festival 2007.

Our group converged from exotic places far and wide – South Carolina, North and South Croydon, Redhill….

There was a fine selection of 300 or more beers and we were determined to down a sample pint or two of most of them. The pasties were good too!

Things were going well, but by 8pm the Alcohol Induced Time Dilation Effect was already starting to kick in. Not only that, but we were witness to another stranger-than-reality quantum event…it happened like this…..

It was mid evening and having downed only 6 or 7 pints we were obviously still at the height of our observational powers when suddenly a colleague shouted that someone had stolen my beer! Outrageous! We leapt to our feet and gave chase…we caught the hapless suspect but he didn’t have a clue what we were talking about! Strange….very strange! Then imagine our surprise when we returned to our table only to find the beer glass – and contents – right there in front of us! Spooky! How could that have happened?

Of course, the only possible explanation is that the glass must have been temporarily sucked in and out of a micro worm hole (they’re getting quite common in West London, especially near bars). The virtual thief, seen by my reliable friend, was obviously some kind of phantom artifact at the event horizon. Luckily we had had enough beer to calm our nerves and we decided to carry on drinking regardless. That’s the true blitz spirit!

Next adventure: Brussels 31st August (preceded by a limbering-up session at the Beer Circus, Croydon, 23rd August).


P.S. if a half drunk pint of English bitter should happen to spontaneously appear in front of you you know where it came from….don’t worry, just blink and it will be gone.