The 90 Day Countdown has Begun

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Jun 1st, 2006
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Yes, the Beer Cellar is Open

Yes, the Beer Cellar is open!

Specifically I’m referring to the Delirium Cafe, which will likely be the first stop for this year’s tour … and a meeting point for the drinking team that has been assembled for Brussels.

The 90 day countdown has begun. (Ok, I’m not sure it’s exactly 90 days from now, but that is a close enough approximation.)

The Delirium Cafe is a great place to start the festivities, as it has over 2500 different beers from around the world. Yes, they count different sizes of the same beer as different beers … so that means a Corona is different from a Coronita. But that’s still a lot of beer.

The selection leans heavily toward every possible beer you could find within Belgium, but it also has quite an extensive world collection. So if Olaf is home sick and misses his Ringnes, then he’ll be able to find it here. (Just kidding Olaf … although they probably do have it.)

Sadly I don’t make it to the Delirium Cafe that often, because it’s about 4000 miles from home. But the last time I popped in, I was pleasantly surprised when François had seen me walking down the steps, so he rushed into the back room to pull out a Westvleteren 12 and a Westvleteren Blond, and met me at the bar asking which one I wanted.

During the summer months, you can sit out front and watch the Japanese tour groups be led down the dead end alley which the Delirium Cafe calls home. Are the new anime adventures of TinTin being screened in a theater at the end of the alley? No, they’re checking out the Janneken Pis, the lesser known female counterpart to the famous Mannekin Pis. Alas, the Janneken Pis is so unknown that there is not even a mention of her in the English language version of the Wikipedia, so I give you Jannekin Pis in the German language Wikipedia. I’m sure it must also be in the Japanese version of Wikipedia, because there’s always a Japanese tour group heading down the alley to check it out … or else there is something very odd going on further down the alley.

In any event, let the countdown begin. Join me and share your stories from past excursions, so that we can get ready for the 2006 edition of the World Drinking Tour.