2009 Drinking Tour Update: The apƩritifs are sorted

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Jul 30th, 2009
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There’s some buzz in the UK this week about the release of the UK’s strongest beer.

Clocking in at 18.2%, the BBC points out that a single bottle contains twice the recommended daily limit.

Ah … to live in a nanny state and have both the state and people like the Auntie Beeb looking out for you.

Truth is, we know that BrewDog is just using this as a publicity stunt, and that’s good enough for us. We need a first official drink to start off this year’s festivities, and it’s got to be BrewDog Tokyo.

Arrangements are being made to get enough BrewDog Tokyo to Poperinge for those who are making the whole trip. If it’s complete crap, at least there will be 100 different beers to wash away the after taste…

Thanks Keith!!!