10 Days to Go

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Aug 21st, 2006
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The countdown continues. Only 10 days remain before the World Drinking Tour crew descend on Brussels and Amsterdam.

We understand that both cities have been alerted, and are in the final stages of preparation.

The secret tunnels of the Gollem in Amsterdam have been replenished with a supply of Westvleteren 12 (we hope anyway).

The Delrium Cafe in Brussels has an extra supply of restroom cleaning solvent in case Keef decides to give the Kasteel Blond another try. (I’m convinced that this instance was a bad bottle, as I was there when Keef drank 10 of these one evening in Popperinge … matching me drink for drink as I enjoyed the Westmalle Tripel. I’ll never forget the end of that particular evening when Keef remarked to me how glad he was that he was drinking something light and not trying to match me on the Westmalle Tripel. And I remember then explaning to him how the Kasteel, even the Blond, was an 11% beer, while the Westmalle Tripel was only around 9%.)

As the date draws near, we await the answers to many of life’s great questions (and the side betting action) …

Who will be the first to fall asleep in public? Where will it occur?

Who will be the first to chunder? Where will it occur? (My money is on me, as I’ve jinxed myself by mentioning the Keef episode above.) Will they order another drink afterward, or call it a night?

Can anyone make it to the 4am closing time at the Delirium for 3 consecutive nights?

Is Arjan still the bartender at Cafe Belgique? (And if he is, will we still remember his name when we finally arrive, or will we ask him all over again?)